Hello!, my name is Andrés Jarabo

Nice to meet you 😉

Although my background is in finance I started organizing tapas tours as a hobby 17 years ago. Right away I noticed two things:
• Wine was essential.
• But wine served by bars lacked both quality and variety to make the night memorable 🙁 I had to do something:
1) I attended countless wine courses and events, eventually becoming a member of the Spanish Wine Tasting Association.
2) I have tasted thousands of wines. I choose the best for the tour. You can check what I have tasted lately on my instagram account.
3) I reached agreements with my favorite bars to bring my own wines. This was not easy because in Spain corkage fee does not exist. But it was worth it.

Thanks to it all I am the only tapas tour in Spain serving award-winning wines. You will notice that the other tours do not even mention their wines.

Myself in the San Miguel Market with Matt Lauer: