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LOS GALAYOS – Best Seafood Paella in Madrid

Locals will tell you not to go to Plaza Mayor unless you want to be ripped off. I agree but there is one exception, Los Galayos. Founded in 1894 this is one of the best traditional restaurants in Madrid.
They offer 4 different types of paella. I have tried the seafood paella and the vegetarian paella and we all agreed they were very good.Β  A real paella takes at least 25 minutes to cook. If you want an outstanding appetizer to make time, order either Iberico Ham or their octopus with mashed sweetpotatoes.


Plaza Mayor, 1

MARINA VENTURA – Best Paella in Madrid Near Prado Museum

Paellas Tasted

Pork with vegetables – Beautiful

Shellfish & Seafood- very good, have it with alioli which is free


Very close to the Palace Hotel, the Ritz and the Prado Museum

Calle Ventura de la Vega, 13

How Does it work?

β€’ They open for lunch and dinner. I recommend you to order one or two starters to make time because a paella easily takes 30 minutes to cook.

β€’ There must be at least two of you to order a paella.

Paellas offered

You can check the types of paella they offer here. Prices are per person.

β€’ They also offer other types of Spanish rice dishes like the Arroz Meloso.



You can book online

EL BUTI – Best Paella Near the Royal Palace – Outdoors Terrace

This tiny bistro was put on the map when the New York Times said: “glass doors offering a peek into the kitchen where Juan Carlos Ramos, the chef and owner, makes magic.”

Paellas Tasted

Rabbit with vegetables: Outstanding but it doesn’t exist anymore. The current paellas, are ribs or squid or vegetables.


Plaza de Santiago, 1

El Buti is located in the oldest part of the city. Just a minute away from the Royal Palace of Madrid


During the week be there before 2pm and you will not have a problem. To reserve call: 915 480 707

VINITUS – Awesome Tapas Restaurant With a Paella Dish

You will not see their paella dish in their official menu. There is a second menu (picture below) that changes every week and that includes a paella (arroz) dish. If they don’t give it to you ask for it. During the week, at lunch time, you will see on a blackboard outside he restaurant what type of paella is on offer that day. Vinitus does not accept reservations, be early and you will find a table.

Do not miss out on the “torrija quemada de Santa Teresa”, best dessert ever.

This is a video of their paella dish (min. 6.46)

SOCARRAT – Affordable Paella – Only Lunch Time – City Center

Socarrat is the most successfull takeout paella in Madrid. It opens from 12 to 16. I recommend you to be there at 12.30 pm, that is, when the freshly cooked paellas arrive. You will see four different paellas.Β  A plate of paella is 9.90 euros, the average price in a restaurant is 20 euros. They have cans of beer at 2.4 euros. Since this is a takeout there is no dessert or coffe but there are chairs and tables to sit down. Ask for mayonnaise and lemon and add it to the paella, it is free.


Right in the city center. A minute away from the Gran Via Metro station. Calle San Marcos, 2


You cannot reserve but as long as you are there before 2pm you will not have a problem.

El del Medio – Outstanding bistro but not in the city centre

What we all look for when we travel. I small bistro with awesome regional dishes and more than reasonable prices. It is not a paella restaurant but they have a delicious rice with ossobuco dish: Arroz de rabo de toro (15.95€ )

Northern part of the city, Calle Costa Rica, 28

No online reservations, you have to call them to this number: +34Β 914 217 934

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