Hello!, my name is Andrés Jarabo

Nice to meet you 😉

I have organized tapas tours as a member of the spanish wine tasting association for the last 20 years. What I offer is an evening that combines a tapas tour with a wine tasting event. I bring wines from my cellar to the tour. This is what you must try in Spain:

Spanish Iberico de Bellota ham: It is the finest food in the country. Ham from Iberico pigs that roam free in oak tree forests eating acorns. You will see it everywhere but the best is hard to find.

Victoria nº2: Made from wild mountain raisins this is the best Moscatel in the country. Awesome pairing for the Spanish Iberico ham.

Manchego cheese: The number one cheese in the country made from sheep milk.

Amontillado: A wine that has gone first through a biological ageing and then a traditional oak barrel refinement. It is the best paring for the famous Manchego cheese.

La Rioja: The most decorated wine region in Spain. You will see this wine everywhere but to taste the best you will have to dig deep.

Pedro Ximenez: The best dessert wine in Spain. Made  from Pedro Ximenez raisins and aged for decades in American oak barrels. Nothing pairs better a vanila ice-cream  than this wine.

If you wonder why this tour is cheaper than the rest, it is simple, I do it all: Running the tours, accountancy, website, the blog etc. That is, I don’t have to pay expensive bills.

My other passions are traveling, renovating old condos and the stock market.

Myself in the San Miguel Market with Matt Lauer: