Hello!, my name is Andrés Jarabo

Nice to meet you 😉

My background is in finance but I started organizing tapas tours as a hobby 18 years ago. I have a passion for Spanish wine (member of the Spanish Wine Tasting Association for 17 years where I got my training). I have tasted thousands of wines and I own a cellar where I keep the best. When there is a tour I go downstairs and choose the wines for the night.
I reached agreements with my favorite bars to bring my own wines.

Many people ask me how it is possible that being cheaper than my competitors I offer such top wines. The answer is simple: My costs are lower because I do it all: I do all the tours, the book keeping, the website, the blog, the Seo etc. I don’t have to pay any bills which is why I have the resources to buy outstanding wines for the tour.

Thanks to it all I am the only tapas tour in Spain serving award-winning wines. You will notice that the other tours do not even mention their wines.

Myself in the San Miguel Market with Matt Lauer: