Royal Palace of Madrid (Insider Tips)

royal palace madrid

The author of this post is Andrés Jarabo, founder of the famous: Old Town Madrid Tapas Tour 🍷 




2 Should I buy tickets online?
3 Royal Palace free entry hours
4 Guided tour in English
5 Reduced price entrance
6 Lockers at the Palace
7 Audioguides
8 Lunch restaurants nearby
9 Royal Palace of Madrid price


1 Royal palace of Madrid opening times and hours



As for opening times only trust the  Palace website.

2 Royal palace of Madrid tickets and skip the line

The admission to the palace is opposite the cathedral. You have two different lines and only one entry door:

1 The left-hand line is for people with tickets bought online. This is the fastest but you have to select an entry time and abide by it. Click here to purchase the tickets, official website.

2 The right-hand line is for people who want to buy a ticket. In my experience this line is longer.

3 Royal palace of Madrid free hours & free entrance times

Free entrance is limited to:

Citizens of the European Union or holders of an European work permit and Latin American citizens or holders of a Latin America work permit. Although the last time I entered during these hours no one asked for my ID.

Free entrance to the Palace: Monday to Thursday from 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m (Access up to 60 minutes before closing)

Warning! I do not think this is the best time to visit the palace due to:

• Never ending line, brace yourself to wait for ever.

• Crowded palace, not comfortable.

• The Palace either runs out of audio guides or the ones you are given have low battery life.

• There are no guided tours of the palace.

4  Royal Palace of Madrid Guided tour in English

The Royal Palace offers an 1-hour guided tour for only 4 euros per person. In my experience there are 3 to 7 tours a day in English. When you enter the palace ask when the next tour in English is. If you need to wait go to the bar upstairs. When you join the tour make sure the guide wears the palace suit and not plain clothes or you will be joining a private tour.

5 Royal Palace of Madrid reduced price entrance

Children ages 5 to 16. Identification card or passport must be shown by young people ages 14 to 16.
Citizens over 65. Identification card, passport, driving licence or work or residence permit must be shown.
Students up to 25 years old holding a valid national or international student card.

6 Lockers at the palace

It is not comfortable to visit the palace with a backpack or a heavy coat. There are lockers in the entry area. You need to put one euro into the slot to be able to take the key out of the lock. Once you open it again you get the euro back.

7 Audioguides

You can rent audioguides, (they are tablets with earphones), at only €3. But I would not do it. You end up spending more time time looking at the tablet than enjoying the palace. I would rather download the audioguide before the visit and get acquainted with the palace:



8 Lunch places nearby

There are countless restaurants surrounding the Palace. My favorites for “menu del dia” are (if you are visiting Spain you must learn what”menu del dia” is):

Casa Parrondo: Super popular, there are two of them facing each other. Awesome tapas bar and the best “menu del dia” in Madrid. You need to know what “menu del dia” is if you are visiting Spain.

Rayuela: Cosy, intimate, elegant and outstanding “menu del dia”.

Casa Jaguar: South America cuisine, awesome reviews, very good “menu del dia”.

9 Royal Palace of Madrid price

Basic Admission fee 12 Euros

Reduced Admission fee 6 Euros


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